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Timeless Elegance Angel Wings Floral Tribute

Timeless Elegance Angel Wings Floral Tribute

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Timeless Elegance Angel Wings Floral Tribute

Express your love and condolences with our Timeless Elegance Angel Wings Floral Tribute. This exquisite arrangement is a beautiful and heartfelt way to honor the memory of a loved one, symbolizing peace, love, and eternal remembrance.

  • Design: The tribute features angel wings meticulously crafted from pure white chrysanthemums, symbolizing purity and serenity. The center is adorned with a stunning arrangement of pink and purple roses, accented with delicate orchids and lush greenery. The contrast between the white wings and the vibrant flowers creates a striking and elegant focal point.
  • Personalization: A personalized ribbon with your choice of message can be added to the arrangement. The example shown includes "We love you, Laura," making this tribute uniquely special and meaningful.
  • Size: Mounted on a sturdy wooden easel, this arrangement is perfect for display at funerals, memorial services, or gravesites, providing a comforting and elegant presence.
  • Symbolism: The angel wings design represents a guardian angel watching over your loved one, offering a symbol of protection and eternal peace.

Order Now: Ensure timely delivery by placing your order in advance. Customization options for flower types, colors, and ribbon inscriptions are available to personalize your tribute.

Note: Due to seasonal availability, flower types and colors may vary slightly.

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